Yonniv wanders in Melbourne – Day 2!

16-4-2017 2-51-06 AM.jpg

A snapshot of how my itinerary look like on Day 2!

Love detailed itineraries and I want them to look nice too! Mine also comes with appendices for places of interest and a list of food places..That’s why I feel stressed planning sometimes..lol..But I’m happy when I look at the end result! I like my itineraries detailed not because we have to follow everything to the last detail, but just in case we have no idea what to do that day, we can fall back on the itinerary. hehe`

Order of the day… Has to be brunch!

Hash Specialty Coffee & Roaster
113 Hardware St
Tel: 61 435 895 244


Started our 2nd day with another cafe along Hardware Street: Hash

Was a really good choice because it’s so good (much better than Hardware Societe) that we revisited a 2nd time!!

Love how most of the cafes have large floral centrepieces on their communal tables…The arrangements are so pretty la!


My choice for the day: Pulled Pork Benedict

Omo.. this was sooooo good!!! The pulled pork was tender, juicy and flavourful..the eggs were perfectly poached..the york oozing out as I cut it open..It comes with fried chickpea cake which was very unique as well..But I prefer potatoes anytime..lol..

One thing about the eggs benedict there.. It’s a whole different game entirely… The differentiation is no longer how good the poached eggs were, the taste of the hollandaise sauce or the quality of ham/bacon they opted to pair with.. The ones here in Melbourne replaced the boring ham/bacon with pulled pork/beef…

And its a different game all together, because the quality of the eggs benedict depends on how they marinate the pork/beef as well, in addition to all the above factors that contribute to a good eggs benedict!

Totally enjoyed trying out the different kinds of eggs benedict in Melbourne… And of course… Mocha.. I think I had like 15 cups of mocha in my 9 days there..Enough to do a ranking already..hahaha`

The pulled pork benedict is one of the best I’ve tried! So many textures, its a party in my mouth.. haha


Vin opted for the Baked Eggs which were just as good… But give me eggs benedict anytime!


But, at Hash, this time round, I ordered the Mork Hot Chocolate (instead of the mocha), because I read that it was really good! Indeed it was!

It came like this… With the hot chocolate in the flask, and fairy floss in a cup… Hash uses dark chocolate (i think 70%?), and the fairy floss melted into the cup when I poured the hot chocolate in.. The sweetness of the fairy floss neutralized the bitterness of the dark hot chocolate.. And it was just perfect!

However, anyone who likes a lighter hot chocolate will not like this… The consistency of this hot chocolate is rather gooey, almost equivalent (only slightly lighter) than the one at Angelina (super thick). Enough for a perk me up though! haha


Dedication to a good cuppa…DSC01360-01

After a good brunch.. It’s time to burn some calories walking and sightseeing!

We got the Touristy Myki cards from the Southern Cross station! Sold at $15 and it comes with $9 top-up value.. There are also promotions at some places of interest like Eureka Skydeck.


A glimpse of one of the oldest railway station in Melbourne



My trusty traveling bag from Porter! It has been with me for 2 years now..


Boarding the train to Brighton area!

In our entire stay in Melbourne, think we only took the train twice or thrice? Most of the time, its either the tram or by foot around Melbourne city..haha..love how the trains are mostly empty.

With the free tram zone in the CBD area, no reason to tk the train right..haha..


To get to Brighton Beach Bath Houses, we need to alight at Middle Brighton Station.

From there, its a long walk (15mins) from Middle Brighton Station where we alight..A long walk along a quiet neighborhood..But at this time of the year as Melbourne eases into Autumn, there are still qt a fair bit of pretty flowers like these! In one of my fav shade, periwinkle blue!!!

Brighton Beach!!


Been wanting to come here one day since I saw all the pretty photos on other IGs’ feeds..

Am a total fan of colours.. So much so that despite thinking that those clean, semi-monochrome feeds on instagram are really pretty, I can never achieve that kind of effect without ‘betraying’ myself..haha..

Nvm, I’ll create my own pretty feed with colours! Makes me happy looking at it since I don’t have much followers anyway..


Just a long row of colourfully-painted beach huts like these…😍

Of course the 1st one is my favourite!!! Coral and mint!!!


Just had to take one with my favourite hut n my favourite person…

Haha..because there are just so many that are really pretty as well…so photo spam ahead…



So many #ootd backgrounds here!!! Haha..Might as well..

Top: Nude cotton tee from Pull&Bear (ever since the Seoul trip last year,I’ve been looking high & low for a longer sleeved tee of the same soft material, and I only discovered it in Pull&Bear!!)

Dress: Black pinafore from Editors’ Market

Shoes: Keds


A candid one here with my fav colour, mint!20170326_132536-01

The happy hubby… Actually not too happy with all the photo-taking…haha


What’s inside the bathing house along Brighton Beach…This was the only opened one…


Lululemon Outlet

G75/30 Rupert Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

Headed straight to Lululemon outlet after Brighton even though its rather out of the way, because I was so excited to see the yoga attire they have to offer for cheap! But it was a disappointment!!!

Yes, its much cheaper than the retail outlets ($44 for a top as compared to $100)…but the designs left in the outlet was mehhhh…Very limited designs..The only rack with the most (and nicer) designs was size 12?


Black Star Pastry
56–66 University Street, Carlton
Bus: Faraday Street (#200 – Towards Buleen)

Left for some desserts at the much-raved Black Star Pastry for their famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake..and no regrets!!!Need to recover from the disappointment frm the Lululemon outlet..



I’ve no idea how to describe this for this is sooo refreshing!!

The cream felt really light & there’s a tinge of floral fragrance in it..There’s just so many layers of textures & flavours in one bite..its heavenly…

I really like the crust, but I don’t know how to describe it.I wish I can bring this back to Singapore!


We also ordered the lemon pistachio cake…yums too! But I prefer the Strawberry Watermelon!!

This was more zesty and very textured as well…


Look at the layers of the lemon pistachio cake!

Went shopping at H&M after that.. Right before it closes.. The shops there close super early la! Mostly 7pm, and only 9pm on Thurs and Fri… (why not Sat/Sun I wonder?)

The H&M in Melbourne CBD is really majestic (Is that the correct word?) But, I feel small in it… haha..At the junction of Bourke Street, its really at a very premium location.. Even the dressing rooms make you feel like a princess!!

But, I left empty-handed..haha.. The prices there are almost similar to that of SG, and nothing really caught my eye.. The hubs left with 2 pairs of berms though..


Burger Project

For dinner before we headed to the supermarket to stock up on our roadtrip the next day!

The burgers here are just ok only..Maybe I’m not so much a burger person after all…lol


Trying out new yoghurt brands, Gippsland… Not bad.. but I still prefer Thick & Creamy! haha


Early night on Day 2… For we need to wake up early for our 1st road trip ever!!!


Yonniv wanders in Melbourne – Day 1!


Finally on this trip!!!So excited la..bcz its gonna be our first road trip ever!!! And plus I needed this break.. Even tho last big trip was in Oct, but effectively..hmm..travelling with in-laws or parents cannot really be considered one that I can really njoy 😛

Only posting this now because we were too tired from all the travelling on the trip.. The 1st day especially.. Redeye flights are never comfortable..haha..Plus, on the 1st day, we spent the whole day walking around the city..Clocked 17K steps!!!That’s like something I hardly do in SG..haha..but well, I still feel the best way to explore a city is by foot. There’s really quite a lot of good food here..n ALOT of cafes here..My fav!!😁

At the airport… 

A “maddening” but cnt-help-but-laugh conversation

that took place at the airport’s newstand where we got our SIM cards…

💑: Hi, we would like to get 2 sim cards please..the ones with the 6gb data.
👱: But we only have the 3gb ones left, u can top up the value to 6gb if u want to.It will be A$42. Would u like tht?
💑: Ok!
👱: *Proceeded to insert sim,& call operator to activate sim* I’ll pass over the phone to u bcz the operator needs ur details for activation

👧: *Took over the phone whr the op asked a few qns abt my name etc, and he asked “So, what plan are u getting?” Because of the ‘workaround’, I don’t know the plan name!* *Asked the lady 👱 my plan name*

**She then took over the phone**

👱: Hi there, sorry, she doesn’t speak very good English.. They would like to get XXXXX plan

**The hubs at this point laughed! And I don’t know if I should 😅 or 😖**
Grrrr..seriously wth.. I don’t think my English is worse than hers, other than the lack of an Australian accent!If its really that bad, how do I survive in an US firm for so long!!!



Finally checked in at our Airbnb apartment after a 7+ hr flight!dead beat because we did not really sleep well at all..Took Emirates but because its a code-sharing flight we were on on board a Qantas flight instead. Wasn’t as bad as what others say..In fact we qt like their service! V friendly n prompt.The food was pretty good too!

Love the apartment n the location as well!It has a full-length mirror(v impt to me!!) n its clean.Location was extremely central too!

We rented the whole apartment but the host made sure to come over to meet us personally.. There’s really nth much to find fault with..N if we have to.. its because the bed is a bit too soft for my liking (the hubs love it!), n there’s everything(chips, drinks,microwave,stove etc) but no facial tissues!

Features tht I look for in a apartment/hotel:
✔Full length mirror out of the toilet & gd lighting
✔Separate shower area
✔Have hairdryer


The host even made sure snacks, coffee, tea and even sim cards were included! There’s cereal too which I did nt include in this pix!In fact, if u wan to whip up a small meal, totally possible! Impressed!


Hardware Societe
120 Hardware St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Tel: +61 3 9078 5992

1st thing to do after we check in is brunch of course!!! To check out the cafe culture in the city of cafes! Haha..

We tried out one of the most raved about one..The Hardware Societe! Even at 2+, there was a short queue outside.It was said that during peak periods, the q can b longer than an hr. Thankfully,its only 2 of us, so we gt seated almost immediately! So, note, go in smaller groups to get seated quickly!

Ordered the wide pork sausage w poached eggs which I misheard it as pulled pork sandwich..


Gt abit disappointed as a result when it came.I was looking for the pulled pork on my plate to no avail😣


Hubs ordered the duck confit which was better! The meat was juicy and well seasoned..And the mashed potato was v fine. But was just slightly above average.

To be honest..the food did not wowed us, so not sure why r they esp famous.

The only thing that felt right for me was the mocha! Unlike other places, they serve mocha separately – A small jug of hot choc & a shot of espresso, which was nice! (In the picture below) Because aft I had my mocha, I can have another cup of hot choc!.lol..

For chocolate lovers like me… A single mocha with another cup of hot chocolate is perfect!!


Walked around the malls later on, but nothing pretty much caught my eye other than homeware n bedsheets! Lol…Aunty much? These pretty teacups were frm T2!



Adriano Zumbo
Emporium Melbourne: Level 1, 287 Lonsdale Street


There are also a number of other branches available, but this was closest to our apartment.. No seating here though..

Other outlets:
– Circular Quay
– South Yarra: 14 Claremont St
– Zumbo Café: 21 Daly Street

The macaroons are to die for! So yummy! Am not a fan of macaroons (I often find them far too sweet), which explains why I only bought 2 initially.. haha.. but this wowed me.. This is on par if not better than Pierre Herme.. Not good with food descriptions, but the flavours in the filling were intense, yet felt natural.. A pop of surprise is my best way of describing it.

The 2 flavours I opted for: New York Cheesecake and Nutella

The New York Cheesecake one appealed to me much more than the Nutella one (even though I love nutty chocolatey flavours). The Cheesecake was cheesy and savoury, complemented with a touch of sweetness from the shells, which tasted rather zesty..

The Nutella was good as well, but just more ‘normal’ than the Cheesecake one.

I went back on the last day to get more, but the interesting flavours were all gone. I wanted to try the Milo one..and a friend highly recommended Popcorn! Will be back to try again the next time I am here. hehe`


Hossier Lane & Rutledge Lane

Headed to the Rutledge Lane and Hossier Lane just before sunset for the famous graffiti art in the city! Melbourne is adorned with street art, but the really good ones r here! Tons of people though..


“I’m watching you”IMG_20170327_090255_490DSC01272-01



Some of the best shots are taken by strangers… A whole cycle of trial and error… Sometimes, I get surprises.. And I like the element of surprise..haha.. And no, I often do not ask strangers to take more than 2 shots for us.. Usually, I just position my camera the way I wanted it, and just request them to help click on the shutter.. Thankful for shots like these.=)

Some of the shots by strangers/passer-bys in Japan last year…=)



Anyway, coming back to Melbourne…

#ootd for the day! I love my pink chiffon midi from Seoul last year!! ❤


Aqua S
16 Red Cape Ln, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia
Tel: +61 2 8668 5957

Next stop.. Aqua S! Heard much raves about this soft-serve place based in Sydney.. So happy they decided to open an outlet in Melbourne!

Flavours change bi-weekly.. And when I was there, it was Milo and Passionfruit.. I opted for the regular Sea Salt with Milo..Topped up for the Fairy Floss.. To get this!

Insta-worthy ya? haha

But, its not just instaworthy… It tastes good as well! Sea salt was light, and not over-powering. It complements well with the sweetness in Milo… However, the milo can be abit stronger though..


The hubs had the Passionfruit on its own… I like the zesty flavours.. But he doesn’t quite like it.. Then again, he does not really fancy desserts.. haha..

Next up… Dinner!!!

Izakaya Den
Basement, 114 Russell Street (In between Bourke St & Little Collins St)
Tel: 03 9654 2977

An ex-colleague (a frequent visitor to Melbourne) gave me a food list from some of his favourites.. One of which was Izakaya Den…At that time, he told me that the Asian food scene in Melbourne is better than Singapore’s… I was skeptical..

Anyway, since I can have all the cafes I love (while Vin is not so equally keen).. Decided to do cafes by day, other cuisine by night..haha

So, on our 1st night.. We tried out Izakaya Den.. A Japanese restaurant-bar concept…

Had such difficulties locating this place.. We kept walking in circles, took 15mins for us to realize its hidden at the basement of this building we walked past multiple times! haha.. But, the entrance was really obscure and nondescript.. No big signages or whatever.. Hipster max.. haha..

Ordered my favourite seared hokkaido scallops.. He picked the grilled pork belly… And we shared the fried black rice…

For drinks, I ordered a really delicious umeshu (light, sweet and the ume taste was strong), and he had hot sake (which I think its way too strong for my liking)..

The black rice was the bomb! It was really simple.. Just fried with egg.. But the rice, was so fragrant.. There’s a tinge of black sesame taste in it.. But we were told that it is just the taste of the black rice… The egg was well-spread out.. coating the fragrant rice with egg…


Really like the atmosphere in the restaurant.. We were seated right by the bar counter.. Where we saw the Japanese chefs in action.. When a place is frequented and serviced by Japanese, you know it has to be good! Indeed, it was!

Whoever that’s reading this.. Please go try this! Highly recommended!

We will certainly revisit, but this dinner venue is rather pricey though (as with all other food venues in Melbourne/Australia). Our dinner came up to A$95 for all that was listed above.


With this, it concludes our 1st night in Melbourne!!!

Our home sweet home <3 !

And here goes, a house tour! [Warning: Super long post… so read only if you have time.]

Months of preparation – Meeting so many IDs, poring over design plans, Pinterest searches day and night for styling tips, analysing and adjusting all the measurements in the design plans, some frantic shopping for furniture and lighting… And its all done now! hahaha.. I can only say its all worth it! Before I proceed, I find it necessary to clarify/highlight a number of things:

Regarding the Renotalk article that was published:

While I am really thankful and grateful to see our home featured in Renotalk, I was disappointed when I read the article, because I found it rather untrue and overly skewed to the interest of the IDs. Nothing much that I can do about it, but I think I should clarify it here. The article made it seem that the IDs came up with the whole design concept of my home, which is not true. Rather than crediting all to the IDs, in fact, I would see it more as a joint collaboration. Yes, they did a fantastic job of bringing my ideas to reality and gave me really practical ideas on what can or cannot be done, but no, most of the design concepts came from me. Prior to deciding on Unity, I gathered concepts/inspirations from various sources, and came up with my own ‘moodboard’, and changed it along the way after I see nicer stuff (such as the console, which I saw it at a furniture shop, therefore, I opted to adapt elements of it). Here’s the initial draft slide I came up with, using pictures from Pinterest, which I made changes along the way as I read up more and met up with more IDs.


The console I saw subsequently (which I adapted to my current console) – Unity also helped us to add tea glass backing to the back of the strips, so that the stuff inside the console won’t be subjected to any dust, and to minimize cleaning in the long-term:


To be honest, not sure if its to the dismay of our IDs, but I was really opinionated about the design of this new home.. No regrets, because I’ve been wanting a home that I participate actively in the entire process, so I can safely call this home mine,ours (every inch, every corner).. I like to be able to say that I did not leave it to chance or entirely to others.. I like to be able to say that I played a major role in the conceptualisation of this space (down to the measurements).. for after all, this is our home. =) It’s not that the IDs do not have a good design concept (if not I wouldn’t have chosen them), it all boils down my want to be actively involved and its also a matter of preference. Many would probably take all the suggestions… While the IDs gave very good suggestions, I didn’t really follow for I had a strong idea of how I want certain aspects to turn out, so in these cases, I chose to follow my heart rather than heed the advice of the IDs. Its really to each his own… Some examples are:

  • My geometric wall – I like this idea because it serves as a cheaper option to a “full-fledged” feature wall.. which most IDs are not so keen on, for they earn much lesser… On the colours.. had I followed the advice of our IDs, I would have ended up with very muted colours for this wall. The initial suggestion was for muted colours like nude, grey, white etc.. which will change the entire feel of the living room space. Classy and timeless nonetheless, but not something I am after. Just a matter of preference I guess… I was so concerned about the colour palette of the geometric wall, that all of us sat thru together to come up with the lines on the walls and flipping through the pantone colour swatches for the right shades..The obsessive side of me even went back to simulate the colours on the wall on powerpoint, to see if it will all look good. Yes, this was how “hands-on” I was.. haha.. I even played around with different colour options before deciding on the current one.



10-31-2016 6-32-30 PM.jpg

  • The combination of copper vs the purple backdrop of my master bedroom wall – One of my ID gave me kind of a weird look when I was determined to find copper lamps to match my purple wall… Am really thankful I really did that, and I simply love the ambience of my MBR now. =)

But, its really all thanks to the IDs to advise the practicality of the concept, and to execute all these for us. This home is really the result of a joint collaboration. Thank you!

The House Tour

Theme: Modern Scandinavian

Features: The central themes of our home is meant to be Scandinavian, with colour accents throughout the house. I like the overall clean look of Scandinavian homes, the white and wood combination. At the same time, I can’t live without bold colours in my life. Therefore, I set about combining the 2 styles/looks.

The Entrance


Image Credits: Renotalk


“You had me at hello.”


Realized I don’t have much pictures of the entrance, but the carpentry is mainly the same as that seen in the living area, as you can see in the first picture – To ensure that there’s the sense of continuity in the living room space.

The Living Room



Image Credits: Renotalk

Colours: Tried my best to keep it to 3 colours here -Wood, white and turquoise.. Yellow as an accent colour here.

As you can see here, the ceiling strips linked in seamlessly to the geometric design of the wall and the mirror, complemented with the overall strips design of the console and carpentry.


  • Dining table and bench: Second Charm – Customized our dining table to fit in with the overall geometric theme and the colour palette. Wanted a heavily textured table-top, which was ordered wrongly, but we eventually did not change this for the practicality of long-term maintenance. I designed the legs of the bench and sent it in for Second Charm to build. My design sketch.. haha


Over at the storage area, it actually opens up to an open pantry. Due to the lack of space in the kitchen, we decided to have an ‘open’ pantry in the living area! Thanks to all the brainstorming sessions that led to this idea with the Nespresso out in the living room..

So one of those doors beside the dining table open to:


The backdrop is actually a shade of periwinkle blue.. somehow, the colour doesn’t show up well here..


Couldn’t get enough of the pretty tea cups!

The Kitchen


Image Credits: Renotalk

Colours: White, wood, lime green (yet one of my fav colour combi.. Lime just goes so well and it brightens up the whole look and feel of the place!)

Our favourite corner in the home in terms of design! Everything just fits in seamlessly. It could have been more dull, if one of our IDs had not suggested using lime as the backdrop in the open pigeonholes. I wanted the central theme of geometry and wooden strips to be consistent throughout the entire house, and I do not want boring kitchen cabinets, and so our IDs helped us to incorporate the wooden decorative strips into the kitchen cabinets.


Also, love the decals that I placed here and there… Its all thanks to all the nice bloggers who shared the links to the items bought from Taobao, so its my time to give back here too.. =)

URL: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=3244347654&spm=2014.12193480.0.0


The Walkway


Image Credits: Renotalk

The flooring in the entire living area is supposed to be more grey than brown… Think it looks brown here because of the lighting…


Caged Lights: Most from Like Lights, with the exception of the Balloon one (1st one), which i got my cousin to get it from London.

Be Happy signage: From our trip to Bali.. At a random shop off Seminyak.. =)

Meant to decorate this space abit more… The intention was to have a simple gallery wall with the photos from our trips… haha.. Erm.. til now, I have not got around to doing it.. I really should!

The Master Bedroom


Image Credits: Renotalk

Colours: Black/grey, periwinkle blue.. Copper as an accent colour

If only we did not have the additional panel of window there (which looks out to ugly service yards.. haha.. so we kept it perpetually closed).. Then,  we could have an entire wall of periwinkle blue! Love the colour contrast of the copper against the periwinkle blue wall…Love the white clay birds we got from Taobao! (one of them did eventually fall off..=( )

However, a note on bedside lamps… Make sure its possible to have the switches by your bedside before you fix hanging lamps from the ceiling! These lamps are kind of just ornamental for now, because the lights can only be accessed from the door, which defeats the purpose of a bedside lamp! We couldn’t fix the switches by the bed due to a ceiling beam which we are not supposed to hack into.

Added on more copper to our room, with my own DIY bedside lamp… hehe`  Pretty?

Just simple copper fairy lights from Qoo10 and a glass bottle from Ikea. Inspired from what I saw in a concept store..Fairy lights in a glass bell jar… but that was retailing at $100+!


My walk-in wardrobe / Study



Image Credits: Renotalk (except the 1st pix in this section)

Colours: Wood, grey, lime

My walk-in wardrobe…Where the geometric concept is extended to…Complete with 2 full-height mirrors (one beside the table, and another between the 2 full length windows)!!

The wardrobe design is inspired from one of the pix I saw in a home deco magazine.. The top cabinets was something I drew up..I quite like the idea of having colours in a box cabinet… It doesn’t show up very well here though..

Desk chair was from Star Living.. Was trying really hard to find a more scandinavian looking chair on wheels.. haha.. So this was it – Grey fabric with wheels!

The fan was something I got from a hardware shop.. I think a plastic fan would have looked really out of place here, and due to ceiling space constraints, we can’t install a ceiling fan.

The elevations (measurements inside the carpentry itself) process was madness!! I really had to maximize the use of the limited space where I had to fit in as many things as possible! I don’t like the idea of a dressing table (the idea I had to bend over the table to do up my mascara and eyeliner etc).. I incorporated a dressing area in the 2nd cabinet, where it holds all my skincare and make up essentials.. haha… Rather messy still.. Will take a photo once I arrange it better..

An accessories drawer was also incorporated to the side of the table.. To hold all the necklaces, watches etc..


I also requested to set aside some space to hang clothes, and for the laundry basket.. haha.. This will keep those jackets out of sight from outside the room..


Due to personal preferences, I prefer the laundry basket to be in the wardrobe area.



His gaming room / man’s cave


Image Credits: Renotalk

Colours: Blue, red, wood

It was looking all very simple during the photoshoot..It has since ‘evolved’ alot now, adding a round rug that fits in with the theme of the room. He also requested for a dry cabinets for his cues…

I remember taking a photo of his room after adding the rug, but somehow can’t find it.. haha..Will add it here after I find it..


  • Captain America Shield – Bedside Lamp: Hipvan
  • Sofabed: Courts
  • Dartboard: Gifted by his friend


Master Bedroom Toilet



Image Credits: Renotalk


Colours: White and Grey (Marble tiles and wood-like tiles)

Finally, the done-up toilet! Complete with the waterfall tap and rainshower.. Loving this space! Wish our toilets were all abit bigger, so that we can have his and her washbasins.. oh well.. haha..



Common Toilet


Colours: Grey and White

Where we retained most of the furnishings from HDB, yet we still try to do it up abit, a very different style from the MBR toilet. Was trying to be more quirky in this one, with the use of monotone mosaic tiles, and honeycomb mirrors from Ikea. Side shelf with lighting also from Ikea. The side bathroom shelf in the shower stall is also from Jomoo… =D

With that, this concludes the house tour for our home!! haha.. sorry for taking so long to do up this post… Was lazing and found it hard to get the motivation to edit the photos.. And I don’t like to post totally unedited photos (By editing, I simply meant the brightness, colours etc).

Hope you enjoy reading this post and that the links were useful!!

Lastly, thanks to Unity Interior, Kef & Samuel, for the attention to details, so much patience, and for making our dream home possible!





Sorry for the extremely late entry… Been really busy and lazy with life.. I continue to tell myself to put in more effort for this blog, for when I grow old and forgetful (even more forgetful one day), I hope that I have written memories to fall back on…

This is really backdated…But still, I hope to complete this reno series by today.. Will just skip the Week 7 and proceed to Week 8, thereafter, will complete this series with a house tour post.. haha.. 1 year later.. =P

Here you go… By Week 8:

  • All the carpentry was up, particularly my ceiling strips!

Love the geometry, and how everything links up..You can see that once the mirrors and painted geometric wall is up in the final post… heh~


  • The kompactplus tabletop was installed too! Love it.. This definitely is one of my fav areas in our home! Not sure if its because we don’t cook that often.. The white cabinets are holding up well!
  • Taken here with our track lights all installed!

When I first saw a picture of a kompactplus kitchen top and backsplash, I knew that I had to do this! No regrets! Particularly since its really hardy and easy to clean.. hee.. Anyone who is considering a kompactplus top, do go for it, however, do note that water stains are very visible on a plain kompactplus top compared to a wood-grained one.


  • All lights and ceiling fans were up too!

All track lights for the living room, and hanging lights for our corridor! Was rather worried about the size of the ceiling fan (whether it will look overcrowded in such a small space, but all turns out well – settled for the 48″ one) It looks abit crowded here, but it looks alright now with all the furniture in place!

Not sure if I’ve mentioned in previous entries before, but I love my corridor lights, and will always remember the time I spent sourcing them from diff suppliers (caged lamps wasn’t too popular then).. Eventually got them from Like Lights… Super love these caged lights, we got another 2 for our bedside lamps too! I couldn’t find a cheaper balloon cage for the one in the corridor (the only bare lamp in the corridor), so I got my cousin studying in London to bring it back for me! ❤


  • Couldn’t resist having copper caged lamps against the purple backdrop in our bedroom! Then again, copper wasn’t too in trend at that point of time… I had to go around so many lighting shops asking for copper cages (many were selling rose gold and told me its hard to find copper..).So happy I eventually found them in Like Lights!


  • Lastly, our modern venetian doors are up too! Glass panels framed with aluminium – iron-cast ones are just too heavy and expensive..=(

Love this private corner that I have!



Just an hour more..

Just an hour more for me to say that I have led a full 30 years of my life.. Sounds pretty daunting, especially I can’t say I have much achievements to boast of.. haha~ But I guess that will have to depend on one’s life goal.. Mine is extremely generic, and can be both simple and complicated at the same time – which is happiness. haha~

At 30, I don’t have any fancy condo, any luxurious car (or any car to speak of), neither can I say I am rich.. But I do have a decent job that pays enough at least for me to eat cafes (something I like) rather often and enough to travel a couple of times a year, a cosy nice home that I can call my own, some pretty good friends and of course, a great hubby! So, I should actually count myself lucky for having achieved all that. =D

Last year was spent mostly on renovation.. Spent crazy number of hours going thru details.. looking at pinterest thousands of times.. adding pix to my moodboard.. comparing laminate after laminate..haha.. amidst a busier work schedule as well..

What do I want to do moving forward? I guess perhaps boil down to a few things:

Love & Family

Hope to be sweeter to the hubby who is really sweet to me after marriage.. haha.. maybe nag at him less often.. (really will try to).. Thanks hubby for cooking me all the yummy meals, and giving in to me on alot of occasions..haha..Even though u annoy me rather or equally often too.. But all the little things.. Telling me that you love me randomly, doing the housework, coming in and give me all the random hugs every night… It all matters.. haha~

After moving out… I really do miss my family more.. Esp my mum (not her nagging though).. Really should try to go back and see them and eat with them more often. I still remembered bawling my eyes out the day I moved in, and they left after dinner…


Looking back on the past years or the past few, I think I have been far too emotional (negatively), too easily affected by friendships (sadly, its still the case). I don’t even know why I hang on to some friendships when obviously the other parties don’t bother anymore for no good reason..And just because, we were once good friends.. I hung on stupidly.. Thinking that it could be me.. Affected me really badly.. and felt really sad for alot of times in the past couple of years.. So, I hope to be stronger.. And remind myself to let go of any toxic friendships, and not try anymore.

Health & Fitness

Been putting on inches and kilos and with some red lights on the recent medical report…So I really want to try my best to be healthier and fitter this year and the years to come… So I kinda psychoed the hubby to sign up for Pure Yoga with me (after like almost 2 weeks of deliberation). Cost was a main factor.. At $175/mth, its not considered exactly affordable.. especially when I probably will only go twice a week max.. (if not once..)..haha.. But shall try my best to go more often!


Still a rather directionless compass in this aspect.. Been promoted last year.. And of course more work to come.. haha.. Not really sure how this year will turn out.. Seems like I will have to start managing client(s).. Will just try my best and see how it turns out!



Happy 3rd Anniversary to us!

Happy 3rd anniversary to the most important person in my life! =D Hope that we will always be happy and get along like this for the rest of our lives! The past 2 days was just so relaxing and happy. I love you hubby! ❤


We spent our weekend at the newly opened, The Canopi, in Bintan! A gf of mine suggested this weekend getaway, and when I initially hear that its Bintan, I winced at the thought, as mine first Bintan trip didn’t exactly gave me a very positive impression of the place (i.e. boring, dead town, old facilities and all). This trip proved me wrong, and its a trip with no regrets!

The place was sooo beautiful! And loved the glamping (i.e. glamorous camping) concept! Pardon the exclamation marks (perhaps due to my not very high expectations, I was impressed, so was he).

The service was good as well. We were greeted by the staff (dressed in safari outfits) upon our arrival at the ferry terminal, and was ferried to the resort (a short 5 min drive away). It was unfortunately, raining very heavily then. But the sight of the crystal blue lagoon from the lobby wowed us! It felt as though we were in Maldives for a moment. Because the man-made lagoon (largest salt water lagoon in Southeast Asia) is so huge, it felt endless from where we stood.

2015-11-22 08.24


Because it was raining so badly, we did not really have much to do than loitering around the lobby area while waiting for the room to be ready. Because we are there to celebrate our anniversary, they agreed to upgrade us to a Jacuzzi tentage! Yippee! But nonetheless, was quite a long wait, since we arrived real early at 8.10am (should have taken the later ferry). Thankfully, the rain stopped and the sun took over. While waiting, we dropped our bags, and rented a electric scooter to ride around the lagoon.

Our first time riding a scooter! He tried first, and was really unstable, but he soon got the hang of it.. haha it was fun trying! And then it was my turn! I am really not a very adventurous person, so I’m even afraid of riding pillion on a scooter. I soon found it fun though! Maybe because the maximum speed of this is only 30km/hr.

P.S. But for anyone who happen to chance upon this blog and were to go to Canopi, please bring a shower cap along if you do not want your hair to stink after wearing the helmet (which was why we didn’t wear the helmets).

Us on the scooter, with the canopies behind us



The crystal blue lagoon

2015-11-22 11.31_12015-11-22 09.19_1DSC08487DSC08509DSC08464

Love my iPanema sandals from Bali!

2015-11-22 11.34

Even the buggy is so cute and vintage!

2015-11-22 10.56_1

We finally got our ‘tent’ at 1pm! The check in timing is supposed to be at 2pm. Love how it looks in every aspect! Every detail of the “tent” was well-thought of and fits the theme to a T. Love the old vintage charm of the whole decor of the place!

2015-11-22 13.18.40

2015-11-22 13.22_1


Our very own outdoor jacuzzi!

Our view right outside our canopy


We spent the day lazing and riding our little scooter around the lagoon, went for a swim in the water and soaked in our outdoor jacuzzi. This is followed by a relaxing balinese massage in-room (approx. $35).

Sunset @ The Canopi

2015-11-22 17.41

And the bbq dinner we ordered arrived! They set up the bbq pit nicely for us and prepared all the food to be bbq-ed. The sauces that came with it were yummy!

And with that ended our day at the resort! =D

Totally enjoyed this trip, and will certainly hope to visit again for a longer stay (maybe 2 nights will be just nice). Perhaps by then I would have gathered a lil’ more courage to try out the other activities at the resort. =P

However, there are certainly a number of areas for improvement:

  1. Very limited snacks and food supply – There’s only one restaurant/bar there which is the Bora Bora Beach Bar, and a single (rather pathetic) snack stall at the activity centre which sells snacks at SG prices or even more (a can of coke costs $3 there).. So anyone who is heading there soon, please stock up your own snacks and drinks supply! It will be good to have more variety of food as well. They have yet to get approval for their alcohol license as well (even though am not sure why they can sell Bintang beer), but if you were to order a margarita, expect it in the form of a mocktail.
  2. Hemp flooring in room – Really painful on the feet! They did not provide slippers, and walking around barefooted in the room is a pain, literally. I will certainly bring a pair of in-room slippers the next time I visit.

Other than these 2 main areas, the stay was a memorable one!


2015-11-22 16.55.07



Thanks for your support! We won!

Finally received the results from the Renotalk People’s Choice Contest, and we won with 245 votes! Thanks for all the support from my family and friends, and all those who voted! Really happy that our home made it to the Best Design award. =D

However, was disappointed to learn that actually we will not receive any prizes for this award… Seemed pretty lame to me that voters at least get a chance to win $100, whereas the home owners get nothing.

Nonetheless, happy enough that we got featured, and something that we can look back to in years to come. It felt really good that my hard work paid off in the past couple of months.. Stressing over details, and how things will look, and going everywhere sourcing for furnishing like a madwoman.. From the sofa, to the dining table (took so long to decide on the wood and colour of the legs and the overall design) , to the self-designed bench, to the dining chairs (whereby the turquoise one took me some time to find). Thanks to Unity who brought my messy concepts to reality and the practical input. Most IDs we went to gave me a weird look when I said that I wanted a asymmetrical mirror and a geometric wall.. Our IDs originally suggested the wall to be painted in different shades of neutral colours, but I wanted one colours that will brighten up the space (mainly white and wood). Am happy with my choice! ^^

Thanks once again! What a happy anniversary present for us!

Renotalk People's Choice Award 2.jpg