Yonniv wanders in Melbourne – Day 2!

16-4-2017 2-51-06 AM.jpg

A snapshot of how my itinerary look like on Day 2!

Love detailed itineraries and I want them to look nice too! Mine also comes with appendices for places of interest and a list of food places..That’s why I feel stressed planning sometimes..lol..But I’m happy when I look at the end result! I like my itineraries detailed not because we have to follow everything to the last detail, but just in case we have no idea what to do that day, we can fall back on the itinerary. hehe`

Order of the day… Has to be brunch!

Hash Specialty Coffee & Roaster
113 Hardware St
Tel: 61 435 895 244


Started our 2nd day with another cafe along Hardware Street: Hash

Was a really good choice because it’s so good (much better than Hardware Societe) that we revisited a 2nd time!!

Love how most of the cafes have large floral centrepieces on their communal tables…The arrangements are so pretty la!


My choice for the day: Pulled Pork Benedict

Omo.. this was sooooo good!!! The pulled pork was tender, juicy and flavourful..the eggs were perfectly poached..the york oozing out as I cut it open..It comes with fried chickpea cake which was very unique as well..But I prefer potatoes anytime..lol..

One thing about the eggs benedict there.. It’s a whole different game entirely… The differentiation is no longer how good the poached eggs were, the taste of the hollandaise sauce or the quality of ham/bacon they opted to pair with.. The ones here in Melbourne replaced the boring ham/bacon with pulled pork/beef…

And its a different game all together, because the quality of the eggs benedict depends on how they marinate the pork/beef as well, in addition to all the above factors that contribute to a good eggs benedict!

Totally enjoyed trying out the different kinds of eggs benedict in Melbourne… And of course… Mocha.. I think I had like 15 cups of mocha in my 9 days there..Enough to do a ranking already..hahaha`

The pulled pork benedict is one of the best I’ve tried! So many textures, its a party in my mouth.. haha


Vin opted for the Baked Eggs which were just as good… But give me eggs benedict anytime!


But, at Hash, this time round, I ordered the Mork Hot Chocolate (instead of the mocha), because I read that it was really good! Indeed it was!

It came like this… With the hot chocolate in the flask, and fairy floss in a cup… Hash uses dark chocolate (i think 70%?), and the fairy floss melted into the cup when I poured the hot chocolate in.. The sweetness of the fairy floss neutralized the bitterness of the dark hot chocolate.. And it was just perfect!

However, anyone who likes a lighter hot chocolate will not like this… The consistency of this hot chocolate is rather gooey, almost equivalent (only slightly lighter) than the one at Angelina (super thick). Enough for a perk me up though! haha


Dedication to a good cuppa…DSC01360-01

After a good brunch.. It’s time to burn some calories walking and sightseeing!

We got the Touristy Myki cards from the Southern Cross station! Sold at $15 and it comes with $9 top-up value.. There are also promotions at some places of interest like Eureka Skydeck.


A glimpse of one of the oldest railway station in Melbourne



My trusty traveling bag from Porter! It has been with me for 2 years now..


Boarding the train to Brighton area!

In our entire stay in Melbourne, think we only took the train twice or thrice? Most of the time, its either the tram or by foot around Melbourne city..haha..love how the trains are mostly empty.

With the free tram zone in the CBD area, no reason to tk the train right..haha..


To get to Brighton Beach Bath Houses, we need to alight at Middle Brighton Station.

From there, its a long walk (15mins) from Middle Brighton Station where we alight..A long walk along a quiet neighborhood..But at this time of the year as Melbourne eases into Autumn, there are still qt a fair bit of pretty flowers like these! In one of my fav shade, periwinkle blue!!!

Brighton Beach!!


Been wanting to come here one day since I saw all the pretty photos on other IGs’ feeds..

Am a total fan of colours.. So much so that despite thinking that those clean, semi-monochrome feeds on instagram are really pretty, I can never achieve that kind of effect without ‘betraying’ myself..haha..

Nvm, I’ll create my own pretty feed with colours! Makes me happy looking at it since I don’t have much followers anyway..


Just a long row of colourfully-painted beach huts like these…😍

Of course the 1st one is my favourite!!! Coral and mint!!!


Just had to take one with my favourite hut n my favourite person…

Haha..because there are just so many that are really pretty as well…so photo spam ahead…



So many #ootd backgrounds here!!! Haha..Might as well..

Top: Nude cotton tee from Pull&Bear (ever since the Seoul trip last year,I’ve been looking high & low for a longer sleeved tee of the same soft material, and I only discovered it in Pull&Bear!!)

Dress: Black pinafore from Editors’ Market

Shoes: Keds


A candid one here with my fav colour, mint!20170326_132536-01

The happy hubby… Actually not too happy with all the photo-taking…haha


What’s inside the bathing house along Brighton Beach…This was the only opened one…


Lululemon Outlet

G75/30 Rupert Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

Headed straight to Lululemon outlet after Brighton even though its rather out of the way, because I was so excited to see the yoga attire they have to offer for cheap! But it was a disappointment!!!

Yes, its much cheaper than the retail outlets ($44 for a top as compared to $100)…but the designs left in the outlet was mehhhh…Very limited designs..The only rack with the most (and nicer) designs was size 12?


Black Star Pastry
56–66 University Street, Carlton
Bus: Faraday Street (#200 – Towards Buleen)

Left for some desserts at the much-raved Black Star Pastry for their famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake..and no regrets!!!Need to recover from the disappointment frm the Lululemon outlet..



I’ve no idea how to describe this for this is sooo refreshing!!

The cream felt really light & there’s a tinge of floral fragrance in it..There’s just so many layers of textures & flavours in one bite..its heavenly…

I really like the crust, but I don’t know how to describe it.I wish I can bring this back to Singapore!


We also ordered the lemon pistachio cake…yums too! But I prefer the Strawberry Watermelon!!

This was more zesty and very textured as well…


Look at the layers of the lemon pistachio cake!

Went shopping at H&M after that.. Right before it closes.. The shops there close super early la! Mostly 7pm, and only 9pm on Thurs and Fri… (why not Sat/Sun I wonder?)

The H&M in Melbourne CBD is really majestic (Is that the correct word?) But, I feel small in it… haha..At the junction of Bourke Street, its really at a very premium location.. Even the dressing rooms make you feel like a princess!!

But, I left empty-handed..haha.. The prices there are almost similar to that of SG, and nothing really caught my eye.. The hubs left with 2 pairs of berms though..


Burger Project

For dinner before we headed to the supermarket to stock up on our roadtrip the next day!

The burgers here are just ok only..Maybe I’m not so much a burger person after all…lol


Trying out new yoghurt brands, Gippsland… Not bad.. but I still prefer Thick & Creamy! haha


Early night on Day 2… For we need to wake up early for our 1st road trip ever!!!


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